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Preparing for the CSC® is never just about getting a practice question “correct”. It’s about being proficient in a topic or concept of study. SoLis MicroLearning's Practice Questions for the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) focus on a student’s mastery, or proficiency, of the CSC® subject areas. Being able to answer a question correctly, quickly, and with a high level of confidence leads to mastery.

And with no study guide required, SoLis MicroLearning is simply the smartest and most cost-effective way to prepare for the CSC®. Don't waste any more time or money on additional readings - learn, practice, and retain the CSC® content at the same time with SoLis MicroLearning.

Designed for you to master the course content and not just memorize it, SoLis MicroLearning is Canada’s first and only provider of CSC® exam-level and rapid learning practice questions delivered via PC or mobile through our adaptive microlearning platform, OttoLearn.

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SoLis MicroLearning Practice Questions for the CSC®?


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SoLis MicroLearning's Practice Questions for the CSC® includes:

  • Approximately 3,000 CSC® high quality and professionally written exam-level and rapid-learning practice questions with detailed feedback

  • 6-months of unlimited online access

  • A dedicated app, OttoLearn, to practice anytime and anywhere

  • Mobile notifications for daily “mini-moment” study sessions

  • Email and telephone support from our qualified trainers

So, How Will SoLis MicroLearning Help Me Pass My CSC® Exams?

SoLis MicroLearning takes the CSC® course content and “chops” it up into easy-to-understand concepts around which we create highly effective and granular exam-level and rapid learning practice questions. Our students love having the option to practice each of and every practice question or only those for the concepts they still need to master. With 6 months of unlimited online access, SoLis MicroLearning's practice questions for the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) can be accessed via PC or mobile via the OttoLearn app for iOS or Android smart devices.

Got it…Anything Else I Should Know?

SoLis MicroLearning has helped students across Canada pass their Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) exams. Our students come from many backgrounds and from some of the country’s largest financial institutions including Assante Wealth Management, CIBC Wood Gundy, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, and Canada Life.

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Designed for mobile-first, SoLis MicroLearning is not a quizzing platform, but rather a rapid learning platform, designed for you to master the CSC® content, and not just memorize it.

The most cost-effective way to prepare for the CSC® exams, SoLis MicroLearning costs a fraction of the price charged by traditional bricks and mortar exam prep companies with substantially more effective content.

SoLis MicroLearning delivers CSC® exam-level and rapid learning practice questions using a mix of application and theory-based questions in various formats.


No study guides. No flashcards. No videos. And no recycled questions.

Just really good practice questions.

Why Choose us?

Truly Personalized Training

Automated calculation of your weaker areas to focus more on what you don’t know and less on what you do know

Automatic Content Updates

You will never have to enroll in additional courses when the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI®) updates its CSC® content. Our practice questions are updated immediately and without any disruption to your study schedule



SoLis MicroLearning is the largest and most granular collection of exam-level and rapid learning practice questions ever created for the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®). Our library consists of over 1,000 concepts and close to 3,000 practice questions.

Personal Performance & Engagement Stats 

You can stay laser-focused on your progress towards the mastery of each of the topics, modules, concepts, and practice questions you've performed

What Our Students are Saying about SoLis MicroLearning's practice questions for the CSC®.

"The best part of this program in my opinion is that the questions I practice are based on my own strengths and weaknesses. It's really cool not having to waste time on material I already know!"

Student from Brampton, Ontario enrolled in CSC MasterClass Exam 1 and 2 Practice Test Banks

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