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SoLis MicroLearning is the first and only provider of adaptive microlearning study materials for students of the Canadian Securities Course offered by the Canadian Securities Institute.


Unlike the traditional one-size-fits-all financial services training providers that require students to read a study guide on top of the course texts and merely memorize concepts and formulas to obtain a passing grade (at most!), SoLis MicroLearning utilizes the concepts of personalized student engagement designed to provide each student with a mastery knowledge level of the material.


Microlearning breaks up the content found in each volume of the Canadian Securities Course into small, granular bits of knowledge. We deliver these bits of content directly to each student on an automated basis and learners can access the material through their smart phones, tablets, and PCs. In other words, students can learn on the bus, at home, on the road…anywhere and anytime!



Adaptive learning is a method of training students through the continuous modification of knowledge areas through the performance of each individual learner. And with SoLis MicroLearning’s vast and unparalleled library of practice questions and chapter quiz questions (over 1,300 for the CSC alone), students can rest assured their success will not merely be determined by their ability to memorize the material.


SoLis MicroLearning's practice questions offer learners of all abilities the opportunity to engage, master, and retain the content like no other training provider can.

Unlike traditional eLearning training providers where learners must first click through instructional pages, SoLis MicroLearning engages learners immediately with activities designed to master the concepts found in the course.  And, unlike other training providers, SoLis MicroLearning’s practice exam questions will not be duplicated across the different test banks.

Coming Soon!

Thank you for visiting SoLis MicroLearning, Canada's first and only provider of adaptive microlearning training materials for students of the Canadian Securities Course!
Stay tuned for the official launch of our new and updated CSC Exam 1 and 2 Practice Test Banks!
Who is SoLis MicroLearning?






SoLis MicroLearning is a Canadian content developer of microlearning training materials for use on either adaptive microlearning delivery platforms or on pre-existing in-house platforms

Our content developers have over 20 years of experience across curriculum design, training and development, facilitation, and instructional design

How Do I access the Canadian Securities Course training materials offered by SoLis MicroLearning?
IT'S AS EASY AS 1...2...3!


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SoLis MicroLearning works with companies to develop and enhance their training content and advises on the optimal training delivery platforms for their specific needs. We pride ourselves in working with both the end-learner and trainer in mind throughout the entire process. If your organization would like to learn more about how we may be able to partner with you, please email us and a member of our corporate sales team will respond to your inquiry within one business day

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