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Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) Exams.

The Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) is the foundational financial services credential that top employers in Canada demand. It is highly sought after by employers and recruiters and is considered the baseline regulatory requirement to perform securities, mutual funds, and alternative funds transactions in most financial services and investment-related positions in Canada. At Solis MicroLearning, we understand that a lot of thought goes into deciding whether the CSC® exams are the right choice for you. On top of that, preparing for the CSC® exams is demanding and time-consuming.

So, where do you start?

To help you sort through the clutter, we thought we'd compile a few things anyone who is considering writing the CSC® exams should know.

I hope you find this helpful.

The CSC® Exams and Your Career

Successfully completing your CSC® exams can lead to careers in mutual fund sales, financial planning and advising, equity and fixed-income research and trading, portfolio analysis, institutional sales, corporate lending, and many more. The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI®) has a great career mapping tool here that allows you to navigate to where the CSC® exams can take your career. For example, to work as an Equity Trader or Research Analyst, the CSC® is a regulatory requirement for these roles in Canada. Additionally, the CSC® exams can be also used to satisfy the regulatory requirements for positions as mutual fund sales representatives, financial advisors within a bank branch, and many more.

The Format of the CSC® Exams

The Canadian Securities Course® is made up of two exams, CSC® Exam 1 and CSC® Exam 2. Let's have a closer look.

CSC® Exam Information

Each CSC® exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and maybe written remotely or in person at a test centre. You have 2 hours to complete each exam and must achieve a minimum grade of 60% to successfully pass the exams. Each student is allowed 3 attempts per exam. The recommended hours of study, according to the CSI®, are approximately 135-200 hours.

Please have a look at important exam information here from then CSI®.

CSC® Exam 1 Subject Areas and Weightings

  • The Canadian Investment Marketplace 15%

  • The Economy 13%

  • Features and Types of Fixed-Income Securities 12%

  • Pricing and Trading of Fixed-Income Securities 11%

  • Common and Preferred Shares 13%

  • Equity Transactions 10%

  • Derivatives 10%

  • Corporations and their Financial Statements 8%

  • Financing and Listing Securities 8%

CSC® Exam 2 Subject Areas and Weightings

  • Investment Analysis 18%

  • Portfolio Analysis 18%

  • Mutual Funds 14%

  • Exchange-Traded Funds 10%

  • Alternative Investments, Other Managed, and Structured Products 16%

  • Canadian Taxation 6%

  • Fee-Based Accounts and Working with the Retail Client 8%

  • Working with the Institutional Client 10%

The Cost of the CSC® Exams

To enroll in the CSC®, it costs $1,200 for the on-line, interactive version with online PDF and e-book texts). Have a look at our CSC® exam practice question options here.

Important! Some students falsely believe that purchasing the textbooks from a former CSC® student will allow them to simply write the exams without having to pay for the course enrollment. Students must enroll in the CSC® before they can write the exams. The cost of enrolment includes the required texts.

How Solis MicroLearning Can You Pass The CSC® Exams.

The Solis MicroLearning Practice Questions for the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) are high-quality exam-level and rapid learning practice questions that are organized according to the concepts found in the CSC® texts allowing you to stay laser-focused on the areas of the CSC® material you need the most help with.

Our practice questions for the CSC® can be purchased according to Volume, Section, or Chapter of the CSC® and, in an effort to promote affordability in financial literacy and education, we provide a buy-now pay later option on each and every one of of our courses for the CSC® exams.

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