• Suneet Luthra

Our Approach to Helping Our Students Pass the Canadian Securities Course®

Every year, thousands of people from Canada and from across the globe enrol in the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) - the foundational financial services credential that top employers in Canada demand. It’s the baseline regulatory requirement to work in many financial services positions in Canada, including the retail banking, full-service and discount brokerage, and mutual fund sectors. Successfully completing the CSC® can lead to long and rewarding careers such as financial planner, investment advisor, and mutual fund representative.The demand for the CSC® credential by Canadian employers is strong. It’s no wonder - the Canadian financial services industry is massive, generating *approximately $63 billion in Canada’s gross domestic product with more than 12,000 financial services companies in operation (* Holders of the CSC® credential stand out among the thousands of applicants to these financial services and related jobs.

Enrolment in the CSC® is extremely straightforward. Students can register at the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI®) and will be enrolled and have access to the course almost immediately.

The cost of the CSC® depends on how many extra study materials you would like to pay for.The students we speak with tell us what worked well for them was purchasing the lowest cost option and using the savings to purchase the SoLis MicroLearning Practice Questions for the CSC® (our practice questions can be purchased according to volume, section, or chapter of the CSC® and can be found here Solis MicroLearning courses - Canadian Securities Course (CSC®️). Most of our students, who have spent just under $1,200 for the CSC® enrollment, use the course texts, as required, but are not looking to pay for any additional readings from a study guide or to pay for instructional videos they know they’re not going to watch.

Instead, they are looking to proficiently and quickly master the material by testing their knowledge with effective CSC® exam level practice questions. When preparing for the CSC®, it’s never just about getting a practice question “correct”. It’s about being proficient in a topic or concept of study. SoLis MicroLearning focuses on a student’s mastery, or proficiency, of a subject area. Being able to answer a question correctly, quickly, and with a high level of confidence leads to mastery.

Designed for mobile-first, SoLis MicroLearning is not a quizzing platform, but rather a rapid learning platform, designed for you to master the content, and not just memorize it. It is also much easier on your budget. Our questions cost a fraction of the price charged by traditional bricks and mortar exam prep companies who offer fewer questions and no dedicated mobile app. At SoLis MicroLearning, we do practice questions. Lots of them. And really good ones. No study guides and no flashcards. Just really good practice questions delivered via a platform designed for you to master the CSC® course content anytime and anywhere.

SoLis MicroLearning is Canada’s first and only provider of CSC® exam-level and rapid learning practice questions delivered via PC or mobile through an adaptive microlearning platform, OttoLearn. Each and every one of our practice questions come with detailed feedback and is organized by concept allowing you to stay laser-focused on the areas you need to study instead of the ones you don’t. With over 2,800 questions in our test bank, OttoLearn allows you to cover more areas of study in a substantially shorter period of time.

What we do is pretty simple: we take the CSC® course content and “chop” it up into easy-to-understand concepts around which we create highly effective and granular CSC® exam-level and rapid learning practice questions. Our students love having the option to practice each of our 2,800 practice questions or only those for the concepts they still need to master. With 6 months of unlimited and 24-hour access, students can study anytime and anywhere via desktop at SoLis MicroLearning and through the OttoLearn app for iOs or Android devices.

Why choose us for your CSC® Exam preparation?

If you’re not looking to pay for any additional readings from a study guide or for useless videos you know you’re not going to watch and simply intend to use the course texts as required, but are looking to truly understand the CSC® material and to test your knowledge with extremely effective CSC® exam level practice questions, then SoLis MicroLearning brings you that and more.

You can test out our practice questions via our 2-day free trial here. No cost and no credit card required. Try us out and you’ll have access to the full functionality of OttoLearn and a first-hand look at why I believe SoLis MicroLearning is simply the smartest and most cost-effective way to prepare for your CSC® exams.

SoLis MicroLearning has helped students across Canada prepare for and pass their CSC® exams. Our students come from all over the country, from different backgrounds, and from the country’s largest financial institutions such as CIBC Wood Gundy, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, Canada Life, and many more. Thanks a lot. I hope you try us out. Suneet SoLis MicroLearning

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