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To Study (Guide) or Not?

At SoLis MicroLearning, we understand that the inherent stress and anxiety that come with preparing for the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) exams are most often the reasons the vast majority of students supplement their CSC® text readings with 3rd party study aids. Some of these students will purchase a study guide or study notes that most often include a limited number of practice questions. Presumably, these students are not confident in their comprehension of the CSC® subject matter and are looking for a “condensed” or “abridged” version of the material in an effort to understand the CSC® subject areas more clearly. In contrast, other students use only the CSC® texts as required and then look to test their knowledge and comprehension of the CSC® subject matter with effective and high-quality CSC® practice questions. These students are content with their understanding of the majority of the material found in the CSC® texts but would like to challenge that comprehension with exam-level practice questions that are based on the CSC® subject matter. Let’s examine both options.

Study Guide/Notes/ with Included Practice Questions Option

The students who went with the 3rd party study guide/notes/practice questions option have told us that they found the included practice questions tested only their knowledge of the material in the study guide and not of the subject matter material from the actual CSC® texts.

Additionally, and in almost every case, they were no more confident about their understanding of the CSC® material after reading the guide or notes than they were before having read them and, as a result, scoring well on the course provider’s practice tests and quizzes either did nothing to enhance their confidence in their understanding of the CSC® subject areas or at a minimum, gave them a falsely elevated sense of their comprehension. Lastly, the comment we hear most often from these students is that the included practice questions are “recycled”. In other words, they appear so often across the very few tests and quizzes provided by the course provider it’s only the students’ rote memorization skills that are attributable to answering them correctly in subsequent attempts and not their comprehension of the material.

CSC® texts PLUS High-Quality Exam-Level and Rapid Learning Practice Questions by SoLis MicroLearning Option

In contrast, the students who only used the CSC® texts as required and purchased the SoLis MicroLearning Practice Questions for the CSC® (for, by the way, a much lower price than the study guides option for much, much more content) had a completely different experience. They tell us that because each one of the 3,000 questions in our library is organized according to the same concepts found in the CSC® texts, they could first read the area in the text they wanted to focus their studies on and then navigate directly to our practice questions for that specific concept.

In the images below, you will see that under the "Options" topic in Chapter 10 - Derivatives,

a list of concepts for the specific topic chosen will appear and,

depending on which concepts a student wishes to study, they will have, at minimum, 3 questions, or "activities" to practice. Again, for that concept only.

As a result, these students were actually learning and testing their knowledge at the same time. In other words, even if a student answered one of our questions incorrectly, the variety of the questions and the feedback provided for each question allowed them to have a “different look” at the CSC® material which made it much easier to understand. And the proficiency of that subject area is achieved at a much faster pace with the need to refer back to the textbook minimized significantly.

So, if you are not looking to spend more time and money for a “second textbook” to read or do practice questions that are not based on the subject matter material from the actual CSC® texts but are looking to truly understand the CSC® material and test your knowledge at the same time with extremely effective CSC® exam-level and rapid learning practice questions, then SoLis MicroLearning brings you that and more.

Try us out for free here and you’ll have access to the full functionality of our adaptive microlearning platform OttoLearn and a first-hand look at why SoLis MicroLearning is simply the smartest and most cost-effective way to prepare for your CSC® exams.

Happy studying!


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