Chapter 7 (Fixed Income Securities - Pricing and Trading) of Exam 1 of the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) focuses on the fundamental bond pricing properties, the term structure of interest rates, bond market trading, bond indexes, calculating the price and yield of a bond, calculating the current yield of a bond, and calculating the yield to maturity on a bond.


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The Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) is the foundational financial services credential that top employers in Canada demand. The CSC® is the baseline regulatory requirement to perform securities, mutual funds, and alternative funds transactions in many financial services positions in Canada. Successful completion of the CSC® can lead to careers such as financial planner, Investment Planner, Investment Representative, Investment Advisor, and many more.The CSC® Exam 1 focuses on the Canadian investment marketplace, fixed-income securities, common and preferred shares, equity transactions, derivatives, corporations and their financial statements, and financing and listing securities.

Chapter 7 - Fixed Income Securities - Pricing and Trading Practice Questions

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