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Note: The SoLis MicroLearning Exams 1 and 2 Practice Questions for the CSC®  have been updated to reflect the addition of two new chapters to Volume 2 of the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) in December 2020.


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The Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) is the foundational financial services credential that top employers in Canada demand. The CSC® is the baseline regulatory requirement to perform securities, mutual funds, and alternative funds transactions in many financial services positions in Canada. Successful completion of the CSC® can lead to careers such as financial planner, Investment Planner, Investment Representative, Investment Advisor, and many more.


The CSC® Exam 1 focuses on the Canadian investment marketplace, fixed-income securities, common and preferred shares, equity transactions, derivatives, corporations and their financial statements, and financing and listing securities.


The CSC® Exam 2 focuses on the Canadian investment and portfolio analysis, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, alternative investments and other managed and structured products, Canadian taxation, fee-based accounts, and working with retail and institutional clients.


The Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Exam 1 Weightings:

The Canadian Investment Marketplace 15%

The Economy 13%

Features and Types of Fixed-Income Securities 12%

Pricing and Trading of Fixed-Income Securities 11%

Common and Preferred Shares 13%

Equity Transactions 10%

Derivatives 10%

Corporations and their Financial Statements 8%

Financing and Listing Securities 8%

The Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Exam 2 Weightings:


Investment Analysis 18%

Portfolio Analysis 18%

Mutual Funds 14%

Exchange-Traded Funds 10%

Other Managed Products and Structured Products 16%

Canadian Taxation 6%

Fee-Based Accounts and Working with the Retail Client 8%

Working with the Institutional Client 10%

Exams 1 and 2 Practice Questions

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